Ajay & Trang - Ryan Hua

Ajay & Trang Pre-Wedding

Ty, I still remember the first day we met, almost three years ago; and the questions you asked me about my motorbike; the plans we made to travel New Zealand and the whole wide world. At that time I never thought we would meet again. The journey that has lead us from being unknown strangers to being the best friends and now the marriage; was filled with laughter, fun, happiness, adventures and enjoyment. If ever, I have a chance to choose, I will choose the same journey with you again, every time!

Love you most

Fatty ;)

Fatty, my “Big Hero”, all I remember about you on the 1st day we met is, a shy Indian boy trying to eat as much meat as he can, while trying to impress another girl in front of you. It was fun to see you trying hard. However, I’m glad that you weren’t shy to talk to me; it was so easy to talk to you and felt as if we knew each other already. Thanks to Facebook for helping us grow our acquaintance further! Thanks for coming in to my life, make it more interesting and make me feel that I am the most important person to you. I wish we will be like this forever.

Yours Loving

Ty Ty :D

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